How to Complete ‘Genshin Impact’ Windsong Lyre Challenge: Full Guide & How to Unlock Songs

Genshin impact is the new trendy game in the world of RPGs, it has gained so much love and attention in the initial weeks and has sold over 17 million copies and according to sources also got crowned as ‘PlayStation’s Player’s Choice winner for September’

In the game’s beginning you’ll be given two characters between which you’ve to choose, that’ll be your traveler. You’ll also have an option to have in total four charters in between you can swap in the game and use each of their abilities differently, make sure that while selecting a party of your four characters you read about them, their abilities, fighting capabilities etc.

The game further has different challenges as well and one new current challenge is, Ballads of Breeze debut Windsong Lyre Challenge which is a competition to showcase the music skills.

How to Complete 'Genshin Impact' Windsong Lyre Challenge: Full Guide &How to Unlock Songs

Full guide for the Windsong Lyre Challenge:

  • The challenge is very simple it doesn’t require any special skills. So, the Challenge has the songs bifurcated into different categories which are, Normal , hard and Pro, each with their own set of specific rewards.
  • So enter the challenge you’ll first have to complete the Ballads of Breeze event challenge and to purchase an instrument for the challenge it will require 280 tickets of Windblume Festival event currencies.
  • The challenge is very simple so the player will just have to reciprocate whatever song is played using their keyboards making the same rhythmic pattern and it will give you rewards. and as you complete normal levels and have received the rewards you’ll unlock further songs for different levels. These are the songs in Ballads of Breeze challenges on normal mode and you’ll have to complete these songs to fully finish Normal mode and this will provide you with 400 tickets which is more enough for your instrument purchase, the songs are:
  1. Celestial Destiny
  2. Fondest Strength
  3. Frost Parable
  4. Early Dawn
  • Immediately after your Normal mode will be over which consists of four songs it will be up for sale.
  • The Event is only till 5th of April
  • Some players are even putting in their own songs and you can also play real-life songs in the game.

How to Complete 'Genshin Impact' Windsong Lyre Challenge: Full Guide &How to Unlock Songs

The challenge is worth the try as the rewards are amazing and it will help you further in the game so make sure you check this out.

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